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About GMN / Vegie Prepi

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! – You have just taken your first step into the world of the FRESHEST, JUICIEST and TASTIEST fruits and vegetables in Australia.

GMN/Vegie Prepi only selects the most succulent and luscious fruits and vegetables available. It’s more like a celebration of your taste buds.

Penny Norton and Sue Rigato are Directors of GMN/Vegie Prepi.

Penny is a qualified Chef and has worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Penny has worked as a chef at various renowned restaurants, progressing to Purchasing Manager at Greenslopes Hospital. Noticing a gap in the fruit and vegetable processing industry, Penny started a company called Vegie Prepi, 23 years ago in 1994. Penny developed this company into an extremely successful business offering processed fruit and vegetable, peeled, cut and diced by hand. This business continues successfully today.

Sue has extensive food industry experience whereby Sue was Qld State Sales Manager for Arnott’s Ltd for 5 years. Prior to that Sue was employed by Goodman Fielder. Sue has now been in the Fruit and Vegetable field for 16 years. Penny and Sue then purchased GMN Wholesalers and merged the two businesses together to become GMN/Vegie Prepi – ‘The Ultimate in Fresh and Processed Fruit and Vegetables’.

Sue currently manages all the Sales and Marketing and logistics, and Penny manages the processed fruit and vegetable and administration.

At GMN/Vegie Prepi ‘The Ultimate in Fresh and Process Fruit and Vegetables’ , we understand the needs of larger institutions and also the smaller customer, as our Brisbane based business is focused on customer service– many of our customers are government institutions, hospitals and aged care facilities. We have 32 full time staff and an additional 7 part time staff to cover all peak periods. The owners of the business have a ‘hands on’ approach that ensures the quality of fruit and vegetables is always of an extremely high standard. All orders are scrutinised and the product you require is the product you will receive, not just what happens to be convenient at the time. Each order received is carefully examined for anything you may require which may be out of the ordinary.

GMN/Vegie Prepi have a fleet of 13 refrigerated vehicles, which are approved food-carrying vehicles as per Queensland Food Hygiene Regulations. Cleanliness and Maintenance of all vehicles is of a high standard.

The owners of GMN/Vegie Prepi ‘The Ultimate in Fresh and Process Fruit and Vegetables’ are the actual people who carefully select, choose and purchase all fruit and vegetables from the Market floor. Due to our location based within Brisbane Markets, we get to select the best and freshest produce first. Quality control does not stop there – when the produce is delivered to the plant it gets rechecked by the Logistics Manager.

GMN/Vegie Prepi has a very low turnover of staff – probably the lowest in the markets. This is due to mutual respect and a positive team environment that we have worked hard to establish and maintain. There are staff incentives in place such as an employee of the month scheme where the employee is selected by their peers. All new staff receive an initial 3 week training period before being permitted to operate by themselves. During this three week period, every client’s order gets re-checked by either the owner or the Logistics Manager.

GMN/Vegie Prepi ‘The Ultimate in Fresh and Process Fruit and Vegetables’ upholds a ‘NO SMOKING’ policy, which adheres to the strict ISO 9001 and HACCP guidelines.

GMN/Vegie Prepi ‘The Ultimate in Fresh and Process Fruit and Vegetables’ is an equal opportunity company.

GMN/Vegie Prepi ‘The Ultimate in Fresh and Process Fruit and Vegetables’ has implemented their own occupational health and safety program with the assistance of a consultant.

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